The Building Process

Building Process

1. The first step in the building process is to buy the lot for your home that will fit your total construction budget. Stephen Karle will discuss all of the building possibilities to maximize the features and views from your lot.

2. Step two is to purchase the house plan that meets your budget and your family lifestyle. Stephen Karle Construction assists their clients in finding the perfect home plan. They will then work with their clients to refine, tweak, and make any design changes to the plan to make it the perfect home.

3. Stephen Karle Construction then sends the construction plan out for cost estimating. During this time, the client will be meeting with bankers to finalize construction loan financing. New banking regulations require that all clients have a personal construction account in which funds are deposited. The funds are then transferred to the builder to pay construction costs during the building process.

4. All clients are able to make changes to their home plans during construction. No additional builder fees are added to make changes. A Change Request is completed with an estimate of the cost to make the change or addition to the home. Clients receive a copy of the Change Request form that assists them in keeping track of construction costs. Keep in mind that not all construction changes cost money! Some changes can be made free of charge while other Change Requests can decrease the total cost of your home.

5. During the beginning of construction, clients will be given a construction timeline. They are also provided with Interior and Exterior Selection schedules. This will help the builder and the client stay on schedule to meet completion dates. These schedules are then updated on a regular basis during construction.

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